Welcome to Virtual Images

Virtual Images is a collection of photography from artist Mark Howard. Mark’s passion for photography dates back to his early days in the dark room as a high school student taking classes at RIT in Rochester. From his early darkroom experience he developed a love for black and white images. In the 1980’s he jumped into the digital world and has never looked back. Mark’s experience has run the gamut from studio portrait to commercial calendar and marketing materials, but his true love is capturing the beauty that surrounds us in the great outdoors. From the frozen landscape of Yellowstone to the steaming jungle of Borneo, Mark always tries to capture images that take the viewer along for the ride.

I have organized many of my images into galleries. Any image within a gallery is available for purchase.  These galleries are a small sample of the many images I have captured over the years. If you don’t see the image you are looking for, please feel free to email me and I will check through my archives.